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  • #14 Portfolio update: visual identity for an event

    Just updated the portfolio section with new work: visual identity for an event called Autumn Colloquium. It is an annual colloquium (this year the thematic was “Peace and Freedom”) and for the past years I’ve been designing/programming stuff for it: website, posters, booklets, etc. This year the res...

    Tags: websitesdesign
    2018-11-23 00:30:00
  • #19 Medical illustration

    Some time ago I sketched a medical illustration (it was based on a source illustration and some bibliographical references which I don't remember anymore - I just redesigned with better resolution). It was forgotten in the depths of my computer. In case it is useful to someone, you are free to do wi...

    Tags: designmedicineillustration
    2021-01-20 15:18:38