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    2018-09-18 01:01:00

    Playlist at the top of the page updated. Got bored with the past one, time for a new loop and background music in life. Autumn, my favourite season in every year (love it love it), is starting! My taste on music always changes during this period. I never was adept of paganism beliefs, but every year this season proves me wrong, because it fits the pagan roots and symbolisms in my daily life and mood. This season is composed of the 3 great days/festivals: "Mabon" ("the Autumn Equinox", symbolizing the moment of reaping what you have sown during the year, proximity to people and insight - in this time, day and night have the same no. of hours, it is the season of balance, according to ancient traditions), the "Samhain" (1st day of November, day of the dead, ancient people believed this was the day when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest) and Yule (Winter solstice, the longest night of the year and start of the Winter).

    For ancient people this period had great astronomical significance (it was the time of the last harvests and the preparion for the longest and hardest period of the year - the Winter, the season of death). Samhain divided the year in dark and light. Autumn is the season of transition, of reflection/meditation, of harvest, when the new becomes old. Relating to "Mabon" (the current period) it was believed that "in dark silence comes whisperings of new beginnings, like the stirring of the seed below the ground" (acorns, chestnuts, etc. were sleeping underground, waiting for new beginnings. This period was the season of reflection and celebration of life, it meant and was dedicated to how we relate to one another (the harvest season and the proximity of Winter - the death season - brings people together preparing for what is coming). It is a season of silence, of insight. Ancient people saw "Samhain" as the most important sabbat/festival of the year. Winters were very cruel to people of the past, the weak humans and non humans (animals, trees, etc.) would die if not prepared or weak, so one can imagine the importance of Autumn in the past, it was the transition (without good harvests Winter would spell certain doom).

    Later Catholicism persecuted pagan folks, and in a desperate way to convert them assimilate these festivals in their own religious agenda (the 1st of November, the day of dead in the catholic calendar, is in fact a censored pagan festival – candles were a pagan thing, never a catholic one; like Easter for example, it is 100% pagan with zero roots in catholicism, but this is a story for another time). Also Yule (Winter solstice) was assimilated as Christmas (the Pine Tree, the cakes, etc. these were all pagan traditions, that persecuted people kept doing until catholocism gave up on trying to kill them and assimilated them instead).

    In fact I was never a paganism/wicca adept, I confess! I talk only about what I read, not about what I follow in my inner self. But this season, every year, proves me wrong - it certainly has some magic and changes my mood. I love it, always my favourite period in every year (and hate Spring by the way!! Death to Spring!). Let the walnuts, chestnuts, figs, mushrooms, red leaves and closure come, Autumn is here. Winter is coming. New playlist in honour of Autumn added.

    PS: I am rediscovering the 1st album of Nightwish after Tarja were expelled from the band. At time I thought Nightwish were dead, but afterall I was very wrong, their next album ("Imaginaerum") is at the moment one of my favourites - I am sorry for doubting them and never giving a fair chance to this album, in the end the soul of Nightwish were always on Tuomas Holopainen, fortunately.

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